Yanshu Li has a MS degree in the Business & Economics Journalism from Boston University College of Communication.
She obtained her Bachelor of Economics degree at Henan University, China.

She then studied Graphic Design and Illustration at Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, China for one year.

This one-year off-track education, which packed with world design history classes, basic aesthetic lessons and software skills, taught her to be creative and open-minded.

From Oct. 2009 to Aug. 2014, Yanshu Li was employed by Shanxi Coal International Energy Group Co., Ltd., which is a listed Chinese company. She worked for the Qingdao branch in the east coast of China, as a Director of Exportation Department.

Yanshu Li loves writing and reading. She enjoys being contemplating, as much as she loves traveling, documenting and reporting.

Being a storyteller allows her the best chance to follow her passion –  to listen and to see.

This blog page is a portfolio of her writing, photography, and other works that she has done. All contents on this blog were created by Yanshu Li, including the header photos.

Contact her by Email:  czyylys@gmail.com



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