“Life can shape as it likes.”

By Yanshu Li Spring arrived a little late in Blacksburg, Virginia this year. It still felt chilly in April. Khaing came to the quiet town as a Humphrey Fellow, which is a U.S. fellowship for professionals who had no previous experience in the states. Born is Khaing Thandar Nyunt, she now is a 37-year-old woman … Continue reading “Life can shape as it likes.”


A Critical Feature on Tourism

By Yanshu Li After flying nearly 8000 kilometers from Beijing to Reykjavik, the tourists were experiencing an increasing excitement while the airplane descended. Through the window, they saw the land of wonder unveiled by the tip of the Reykjanes peninsula. The sheer beauty of Icelandic nature was about to become real. They were a group … Continue reading A Critical Feature on Tourism